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External Wall Seepage

External Wall Seepages

Water seepage from external walls is a common defect affecting many structures in Singapore. High-rise buildings, which are abundant in Singapore, also face an increased likelihood of external wall seepage when rainfall is coupled with high wind speeds at higher altitudes. External walls must be appropriately waterproofed by professionals to impede the ingress of water. We specialise in various methods to rectify external wall seepages.

Waterproofing Solution

Sealant work (Glazing / Cladding)

Sealant is commonly applied for sealing joints between cladding and window panels. Failed joint sealant at leaky skylights, windows, building cladding and flashing are all frustrating problems we encounter in weatherproofing. There are a wide variety of waterproof sealant / silicone solutions and different methods of access to achieve an economical, aesthetic, and permanent watertight sealing solution.

Plastered / Concrete Wall

External flexible elastomeric liquid applied coating is used to prevent water ingress. This waterproof coating prevents moisture from reaching the substrate, thus preventing water ingress into the building. This application is commonly carried out using various access methods e.g. Rope Access, MEWP or scaffolding.

As much as possible, a specialist should be engaged before any significant leaks is sustained. Leaks are progressive and worsens over time. Leaks that become problematic require much more elaborate waterproofing measures to reverse. Waterproofing should be done to prevent leaks and as a scheduled maintenance to avoid costly remediation.

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Access Methods

Rope Access




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