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Other Waterproofing Services

Other Waterproofing Services

Swimming Pool (Suspended + Ground Pool)

Swimming pools are often constructed with reinforced concrete. However, this material alone is not waterproofed. A full waterproofing system must be applied onto the concrete substrate to ensure full water tightness before a pool can be put in service.

Swimming pools can either be suspended or grounded. Pools are suspended when access is possible to the underside of the pool, where waterproofing solutions such as PU grouting can be applied on localised leaks. On the other hand, pools are considered grounded when there is no access to the negative side of the pool, and waterproofing has to be carried out from within the pool cavity.

We provide full waterproofing systems including the installation of the built up system i.e. associated screening and tiling works to prevent the structural integrity of your swimming pool from being compromised.


Balconies are often the most exposed area in a home, facing extreme weather conditions such as hot weather and rainy days. If not waterproofed correctly, a balcony can easily be the first place at home to deteriorate, as water seeps into your balcony’s walls and floors which eventually leads to interfloor seepage.


Toilets and bathrooms are commonplaces for leakage to occur. Over time, existing waterproofing membranes breakdown and malfunction over time. When this happens, water seeps through the concrete and into the ceiling below. Adjacent neighbouring walls may also be affected. Comprehensive repair method by re-waterproofing and upgrading the toilet are used to address the problem entirely. PU grouting may be adopted as a trouble shooting method.

As much as possible, a specialist should be engaged before any significant leaks is sustained. Leaks are progressive and worsens over time. Leaks that become problematic require much more elaborate waterproofing measures to reverse. Waterproofing should be done to prevent leaks and as a scheduled maintenance to avoid costly remediation.

We provide free investigative and diagnostic reports, and budgetary costing with no obligation. Contact us today.

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