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March 9, 2021

March 9, 2021

3 Common Damages to Concrete Surfaces

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Concrete Damage

Concrete is a highly versatile material that is widely used in almost all buildings. You can use it for flooring, walls and the building itself. Though concrete is a durable material that can last a long time, it is also prone to damage over time. This can occur due to impact damage, carbonation of the concrete or general wear and tear. Damages concrete surface can be dangerous to occupants of a building; bulging or dented concrete on the floor can cause trips or falls. Damaged wall or ceiling concrete can also flake and fall off, potentially injuring passersby. Furthermore, the deterioration of concrete will lead to serious structural issues for the building. Did you know, occupants of Housing Development Board (HDB) homes are responsible for the repairs of spalling concrete issues?

Here are 3 signs of concrete damage & deterioration to look out for.

  1. Concrete Cracking – This is the most common form of damage that occurs. Concrete cracks are easily spotted by visual inspection. Though seemingly harmless, cracks allow water to seep into the structure, which may cause small cracks to expand. This damaged the building’s structure over time if left untreated.

  2. Concrete Spalling – Spalling is when concrete begins flaking away at the surface, leaving concrete chips & residue at the bottom. Spalling is a common issue, especially for older buildings. Causes of spalling may range from minor issues such as natural degradation to major issues such as overloading the structure. Spalling can cause steel bars embedded in the structure to corrode, leading to severe structural issues if not treated early on.

    Spalling concrete

    Sign of spalling concrete damage

  3. Concrete Cancer – Concrete Cancer occurs when the internal steel reinforcements begin to rust, causing a chemical reaction. Swelling of concrete is the most obvious sign of concrete cancer. It is a serious issue that needs to be repaired immediately as it involves the building’s main structure.

Homeowners and facility managers must act quickly to get concrete damage issues diagnosed and repaired. This will ensure the safety of all occupants. Furthermore, fixing minor issues early on will prevent larger concrete-related problems from occurring.

Hydro-Seal Engineering Concrete Repair

Hydro-Seal Engineering has been providing concrete repair services since 1995. Our depth & breadth of experience allows us to quickly identify and act on your home or building’s concrete damages.

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