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March 19, 2021

March 19, 2021

3 Signs of Swimming Pool Leaks

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Swimming Pool Leaks

Having a swimming pool that you and your family can enjoy is a privilege in sunny Singapore. However, upkeep and proper maintenance require a fair amount of work. Part of the maintenance involves making sure that the swimming pool has adequate waterproofing to prevent leaks. Good swimming pool waterproofing will reduce the need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive and time-consuming repairs in the future.

Swimming Pool

Types of Swimming Pool Leaks

1. Penetration Leaks – these leaks occur when the water leaks out of the pool’s concrete.

2. Structural Leaks – these leaks occur when the swimming pool’s waterproofing membrane has cracked. 

3. Plumbing Leaks – these leaks occur when the pool’s plumbing has holes or damage, resulting in water leaking out of those points. 

Signs of Swimming Pool Leaks

One water leakage identification method is by measuring the amount of water the pool loses in 24 hours. An exposed swimming pool loses approximately 3mm – 7mm of water a day due to evaporation. If you notice your swimming pool is losing more than this amount a day, it might indicate a leak. You may also check for these three signs:

1. Swimming Pool Liner Damage – Tears may form on the vinyl pool liner and cause water to leak. 

2. Wet Patches and Ground Damage – Water may leak into the surrounding groundwater, resulting in visible damp patches, damp soil, ground sinking or soil erosion

3. Equipment Damage – The leak may also come from damaged pool equipment. Check the pool’s pump, heater, pipe valve or filter to inspect for signs of visible leakage. 

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