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February 12, 2021

February 12, 2021

6 Common Signs of Balcony Damage

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Whether you stay in an apartment block or semi-detached home, there is something rather pleasant about walking onto the balcony to take in the fresh air first thing in the morning while watching the sunrise, or watching it set in the evening.

Like any part of your home, though, a balcony needs to be properly maintained. Not only can a poorly maintained balcony become an eyesore that hurts the exterior aesthetics of your property, but it can also be very dangerous.

The best way to look after your balcony and prevent extremely high repair costs is by knowing the signs to look out for that it is damaged and acting accordingly by engaging the correct waterproofing technique.


Well-maintained Balcony

The Interior and Exterior Finishes Have Staining

One of the earliest signs that you may have a damaged balcony is when there is staining on either the exterior or interior finishes or both. This is a sign that the waterproofing is not working as effectively. It may be that you need to check that they are properly sealed, or the trims and other finishes used have not worn out.

Balcony Doors, Windows, and Door Threshold Leaks

Do you have leaking in the door or windows that lead out to your balcony? Again, this is something you need to be aware of, as it could be a sign of a more serious problem. The flashings on n your balcony should be designed and built in line with relevant building codes. When they are installed properly, they can provide a place where the water that has entered your building behind the finishes can drain away safely to avoid damaging the frames or sheathing.

If they aren’t, that’s why you are experiencing leaks.

Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows and Doors

Again, focusing on the windows and doors that offer access to your balcony, these should open as easily and smoothly as any other entry points in your home. If the windows or doors to your balcony are difficult to open and close, it is a sign that the wood is swelling up more than it should, which could mean that the waterproofing and structural integrity of your balcony is compromised.

Splitting, Blistering or Peeling Paint at Crucial Points

If any paint in your Singapore property starts to split, blister or peel with no good reason, it is a cause for concern. This is likewise the case when it is at crucial areas of the exterior or interior walls and any woodwork or other finishes of your balcony. Water damage is normally the cause for paint deterioration, but it may be that there is some structural damage that is only just revealing itself.

Exterior Wood Trims Are Soft, Splitting, or Have Biological Growth

As the exterior wood trims of your balcony are exposed to the elements more than other areas and components, they must be properly proofed. If they are not, they can easily become damaged. Clear signs of this are biological growth in the form of mould etc. or if the wood is softening, splitting, or otherwise deteriorating.

Weak Balcony Joints

The joints, whether they are connected to the structural posts of your balcony or part of the railings, are important features that not only ensure it has structural integrity, but it is safe. Be on the lookout for signs of weakness in these joints. If anything is a bit wobbly or does seem as stable, you have a serious problem.

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