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3 Signs of Swimming Pool Leaks

Swimming Pool Leaks Having a swimming pool that you and your family can enjoy is a privilege in sunny Singapore. However, upkeep and proper maintenance require a fair amount of work. Part of the maintenance involves making sure that the swimming pool has adequate waterproofing to prevent leaks. Good swimming pool waterproofing will reduce the […]

3 Common Damages to Concrete Surfaces

Concrete Damage Concrete is a highly versatile material that is widely used in almost all buildings. You can use it for flooring, walls and the building itself. Though concrete is a durable material that can last a long time, it is also prone to damage over time. This can occur due to impact damage, carbonation […]

An Overview of Rope Access Works in Singapore

Introduction You have likely seen rope access technicians at work in Singapore. They are often spotted dangling off the sides of tall buildings and even skyscrapers performing crucial repair & maintenance works. Passersby tend to stop and stare in curiosity, wondering what sort of work the technicians are performing. It is not often one sees […]

4 Things To Look Out For When Selecting A Waterproofing Contractor

Waterproofing in Singapore is essential for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The varied and often harsh climate in Singapore makes buildings highly susceptible to damage over time. Building damage can occur due to water, wind, debris, sunlight and other external factors. This has resulted in multiple waterproofing service providers springing up over the years offering […]

6 Common Signs of Balcony Damage

Whether you stay in an apartment block or semi-detached home, there is something rather pleasant about walking onto the balcony to take in the fresh air first thing in the morning while watching the sunrise, or watching it set in the evening. Like any part of your home, though, a balcony needs to be properly […]

What is Polyurethane Grouting (PU Grouting)?

Polyurethane Grouting (PU Grouting) What is PU Grouting? PU Grouting or sometimes called Polyurethane Injection is a widely used waterproofing method of injecting a polyurethane mixture into the cracks of a structure to stop water leakage. This mixture reacts upon contact and expands gradually to fill and seal any cracks, gaps or voids. When is […]

Rope Access vs Scaffolding. Which should you choose?

When it comes to building and facade maintenance at considerable heights in hard to access areas of buildings,  two popular options come to mind: Rope Access or Scaffolding? In this article, we cover 5 of the main differences between the two. 1. Costs Rope access typically costs lesser than setting up scaffolding. It involves less […]

3 Key Areas To Inspect On Your Landed Property Rooftop

In Singapore, landed property rooftops experience harsh damage due to the equatorial weather. Strong winds cause tiles to become loose and displaced, heavy rains wear down shingles and ultraviolet rays, as well as heat from the sun, cause thermal expansion. The combination of these elements results in a damaged rooftop. Damages to your landed property […]

4 Signs of Bathroom Water Damage

Due to the nature of its use, bathrooms are one of the locations in our homes which are prone to water damage. Over time, water may seep into crevices and erode the materials causing a loss in the integrity and safety of the bathroom. Worse still, these damages may cause water damage outside of the […]

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