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Roof Tile Coating

Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are assembled in an overlapping manner and are linked with nails. When installed at a gradient, roof tiles allows water to slide down effectively into gutters, preventing ponding that would occur if the roof is flat. However, like most materials, tiles are not immune to wear and tear from constant and extended exposure to the weather. Leaks are often caused when tiles are damaged and when cracks start to form.

Roof Tile Coating Solution

Sealants, fibreglass and waterproofing coating may be used to seal vertical joint between roof tiles. Apart from the overlapping tiles, other problems that can arise from ridge tiles, the valley gutters and the roof’s flashing. With the proper preparation and application, an industrial strength roof coating system can greatly extend the life of a tiled roof.

Metal Roof Replace top left
Metal Roof Replace top left

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