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January 31, 2021

January 31, 2021

Rope Access vs Scaffolding. Which should you choose?

When it comes to building and facade maintenance at considerable heights in hard to access areas of buildings,  two popular options come to mind: Rope Access or Scaffolding?

External Wall Seepage Rope Access Works

Hydro-Seal Technicians

In this article, we cover 5 of the main differences between the two.

1. Costs

Rope access typically costs lesser than setting up scaffolding. It involves less equipment and manpower to set up. Scaffolding requires more time and manpower to set up. This results in a higher overall project cost. The time required for rope access works is considerably shorter.

2. Safety

Rope access works are actually safer than scaffolding. Though this method looks more dangerous on face-value, statistics show that it is a safer alternative for workers. Strict safety protocols are in place to ensure workers and passersby are protected. Technicians are tethered to 2 lines with one acting as a fail-safe in the event the mainline is faulty. Any equipment used is also securely attached to ensure the safety of passersby below. At Hydro-Seal, all our technicians obtain necessary certifications and undergo rigorous training to provide the highest quality work.

3. Flexibility

Rope access works are much more versatile than scaffolding. Due to its nature, technicians are able to access areas of a building that scaffoldings might not be able to reach. Additionally, technicians are able to get up close to certain areas of a building, resulting in a higher quality inspection and repair job.

External Wall Seepage Rope

Hydro-Seal Technician Performing Repair Works

4. Speed

Rope access set up takes considerably lesser time compared to erecting scaffolding for most jobs. Constructing a scaffolding facade can take up to several days as compared to a couple of hours for rope access. This is essential in performing works which are crucial to maintaining the safety and integrity of buildings.

5. Disruption

The nature of scaffolding works causes some form of disruption to the surrounding environment. It can take up ground space below and depending on the layout of the building. This can disrupt tenants and visitors. Rope access works involve technicians accessing the affected areas from above, reducing the amount of disruption to the environment. 

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