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February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021

What is Polyurethane Grouting (PU Grouting)?

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Polyurethane Grouting (PU Grouting)

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Hydro-Seal Technician Performing Repairs using PU Grouting

What is PU Grouting?

PU Grouting or sometimes called Polyurethane Injection is a widely used waterproofing method of injecting a polyurethane mixture into the cracks of a structure to stop water leakage. This mixture reacts upon contact and expands gradually to fill and seal any cracks, gaps or voids.

When is PU Grouting used?

It is used when common structural issues such as cracks, holes, leaks or water damages are identified. It is typically applied on areas such as external facades, swimming pools, sewer lines, concrete walls & floors. PU injection is a great method that can be used to repair damages to residential, commercial or industrial structures due to its versatility and ease of application.

What are the benefits of PU Grouting?

  1. It is a quick and efficient way of fixing structural and water leakage issues.
  2. The cost is low for repairing water leakage issues.
  3. It is a reliable method for solving water leakage issues.
  4. There is no need for hacking, breaking or reconstruction.
  5. It does not cause unnecessary noise pollution.
  6. It reinforces structural integrity when it is applied.
  7. There is little to no maintenance works required after application.

What is the application process for PU Grouting?

1. Inspection

The damaged site is carefully inspected by a professional to determine the suitability for PU Grouting.

2. Drilling

Upon confirmation that the structure is suitable and the damage can be repaired using this method, the work process begins. Small holes are drilled into the site in order to clean and repair the damaged site.

3. Seam Cleaning

Once the holes have been formed, a PU grouting nozzle injection packer will be inserted and properly secured. A high-pressure stream of clean water will be injected to clear the repair site of debris.

4. Grouting

After the cleaning process, the polyurethane mixture will be injected into the hole. The site will be carefully sealed to ensure the mixture will not seep out and damage the exterior.

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Application of PU Grouting Injection

5. Sealing & Cleaning

After the grouting procedure is complete, the technician will perform checks to ensure the cracks have been properly repaired. The injection site will then be sealed with a cement-based material. The repair site will also be properly cleaned of any liquids or debris from the procedure.

6. Final Touches

Once the cement has properly set, additional waterproofing material will be applied on the injection site to ensure full protection from water leakage.

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