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4 Things To Note When Selecting A Waterproofing Contractor

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Waterproofing in Singapore is essential for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The varied and often harsh climate in Singapore makes buildings highly susceptible to damage over time. Building damage can occur due to water, wind, debris, sunlight and other external factors. This has resulted in multiple waterproofing service providers springing up over the years, offering all sorts of services and promises to customers.

Having an inexperienced contractor with poor service quality will most certainly result in future waterproofing issues. Contractors who perform 'hit-and-run' jobs often use cheap materials, skimp on important areas such as PU Grouting application and have little to no warranty provided. This is done to reduce the actual cost of performing a high-quality job to resolve the issue. Some customers have even found themselves unable to contact the service provider months after the job is done. This leaves them dealing with the mess and damages that will most certainly occur after a subpar job.

A poor waterproofing job results in spending more time and money fixing the same issue and new issues that surfaced due to the poor repair work. With this in mind, here are 4 key signs you need to look out for when choosing a reputable waterproofing contractor.

1. Experience

A competent waterproofing contractor should have the requisite experience in handling all forms of building maintenance issues. Often, inexperienced contractors would offer prospects a cheap below-market price in hopes of securing the job. This is at the expense of quality materials and service provided to the prospect. In waterproofing, the mantra of 'if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys' rings true. Building maintenance is not one area to skimp on as the consequences are often severe.

When researching the service provider, ask them about their previous experience handling the same issue and request image references for jobs done. If you are unclear about the requirements or repair works for the job, do not hesitate to ask the contractor to elaborate more on the specifics and walk you through the procedures. A competent and service-oriented contractor should take the time to win your confidence and not rush to secure your business.

Torch-on membrane services
Torch-on Membrane Works

2. Credentials & Reviews

A waterproofing contractor with many years of experience would be proud of their work done and will be confident in what their past clients have to say. As with other industries, customers who have had bad experiences would likely leave bad reviews on common platforms such as Google, Facebook and others. Similarly, happy customers would leave raving reviews on the company. Performing a simple Google search on the official website will also give you insight into the contractor's past work, testimonials and overall competency. Take the time to look at the certifications and reviews of what others have said about the business.

3. Services Provided

Waterproofing works and projects present themselves in varied forms, with different methods applied to perform a satisfactory repair. An experienced waterproofing contractor should offer a list of repair services instead of narrow & particular jobs. The breadth of experience will tell you that the contractor has a competent team with a wide array of skills to analyse, diagnose and fix the problem where appropriate.

Hydro-Seal Engineering offers common services include torch-on membrane application, liquid membrane application, metal roof coating, roof tile repair works, spalling, PU grouting, and formwork concrete repair, amongst many others. Hydro-Seal has also performed repair works over 26 years for some of Singapore's most iconic brands and buildings, such as Suntec City Singapore, Singapore Post Centre and Pandan Valley.

External Wall Sealant Repair
External Wall Sealant Repair Works

4. Warranty

A warranty protects the property owner if the job performed was not satisfactory. No matter how confident the contractor appears to be in their service and quality, a clear & justifiable warranty must be provided in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If a contractor does not provide a warranty for the job, do not engage them! It is common practice in the industry to offer a fair & reasonable warranty. If a warranty is provided, ensure that it is presented in black & white, the last thing you want to deal with is arguing with the contractor when additional repair works are required.

Hydro-Seal Engineering provides warranties ranging from 1-10 years depending on the job and has fulfilled all warranty obligations since 1995. This service quality and adherence to our warranty commitments have enabled Hydro-Seal to become one of Singapore' top waterproofing & rope access contractors.

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