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Residential Waterproofing

Homeowners in Singapore face waterproofing issues due to the country’s fluctuating temperatures – from extreme heat to heavy rains. Over time, water leakage occurs due to roof damage or cracks in the wall which may cause damage to items inside the property. Water damage will also cause more serious issues to the home's structure if left untreated, exacerbating waterproofing issues further and increasing the cost of repair in the future. The most common water leakage issue faced by homes in Singapore are internal or external cracks forming on walls. Regular inspection & maintenance by professional a waterproofing specialist in Singapore is crucial to maintaining the health of your home in Singapore. 

Residential Waterproofing Services

Bathroom Waterproofing

Toilets and bathrooms are common places for leakage to occur. Over time, existing waterproofing membranes break down and malfunction. When this happens, water seeps through the concrete and into the ceiling below.

Adjacent neighbouring walls may also be affected. Comprehensive repair method by re-waterproofing and upgrading the toilet are used to address the problem entirely. PU grouting may be adopted as a troubleshooting method.

Balcony/Roof Garden Waterproofing

Balconies are often the most exposed area in a home, facing extreme weather conditions such as hot weather and rainy days. If not waterproofed correctly, a balcony can easily be the first place at home to deteriorate, as water seeps into your balcony’s walls and floors which eventually leads to inter-floor seepage.


Common issues for balconies include the popping of tiles and surfaces, damage to paint or plaster, visible cracks in surfaces or grout lines and calcification in the lining of the grouts.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Reinforced Concrete Swimming pools can either be suspended or grounded. Pools are suspended when access is possible to the underside of the pool, where waterproofing solutions such as PU grouting can be applied on localised leaks.


On the other hand, pools are considered grounded when there is no access to the negative side of the pool, and waterproofing has to be carried out from within the pool cavity.

Residential Roof Repair

In Singapore, landed property rooftops experience harsh damage due to the equatorial weather. Strong winds cause tiles to become loose and displaced, heavy rains wear down shingles and ultraviolet rays, as well as heat from the sun, cause thermal expansion. The combination of these elements results in a damaged rooftop.


Damages to your landed property rooftop open up the possibility of even further damage to the home if left untreated. Performing routine checks of your roof will ensure you catch these signs of damage early before repairs become too costly. Ideally, a roof should be inspected once every 6 months to ensure the integrity of the roof is intact.

Routine checks should be performed on the roof's shingles, gutters and flashing.

External Wall Repair

External wall damage to landed properties is a common issue in Singapore. Wear & tear due to exposure to environmental elements is the main cause of cracks in the building's wall. 

Cracks make the building look unsightly and reduces the property's value. Beyond aesthetic reasons, damages to the building's external wall may present serious hazards to occupants of the home or those passing by. 

There are several methods to fix external wall issues without disrupting the occupants of a home. Hydro-Seal takes care to ensure the project is carried out professionally and efficiently to reduce disruption to homeowners. 

Painting Works

A fresh coat of paint to the building's external facade not only acts to enhance the visual aspect of one's home but will also act as a crucial protective layer. Regular recoating and painting of one's external walls increase the protective capabilities of underlying materials and ensures the building maintains its value over time. 

Hydro-Seal's team of specialists possess the capabilities to paint your home's external facade regardless of the structure's layout. We are able to use various methods such as scaffolding or rope access to reach all areas of your home's external facade to provide a highly satisfactory paint job.

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