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Residential Waterproofing

Homeowners in Singapore face waterproofing issues due to the country’s fluctuating temperatures – from extreme heat to heavy rains. Over time, water leakage occurs due to roof damage or cracks in the wall which may cause damage to items inside the property. Water damage will also cause more serious issues to the home's structure if left untreated, exacerbating waterproofing issues further and increasing the cost of repair in the future. The most common water leakage issue faced by homes in Singapore are internal or external cracks forming on walls. Regular inspection & maintenance by professional a waterproofing specialist in Singapore is crucial to maintaining the health of your home in Singapore. 

Residential Waterproofing Services

Bathroom Waterproofing

Toilets and bathrooms frequently experience leakages due to the breakdown of aging waterproofing membranes. As these membranes deteriorate, water permeates the concrete, potentially damaging the ceiling underneath and even impacting adjacent walls.


Hydro-seal offers a comprehensive solution, rejuvenating these spaces by re-waterproofing and enhancing the affected areas. For immediate relief, our specialized PU grouting technique serves as an effective troubleshooting measure. Ensure your property's safety and aesthetics with Hydro-seal's top-tier services.

Balcony/Roof Garden Waterproofing

Balconies are often the most exposed area in a home, facing extreme weather conditions such as hot weather and rainy days. If not waterproofed correctly, a balcony can easily be the first place at home to deteriorate, as water seeps into your balcony’s walls and floors which eventually leads to inter-floor seepage.


Common issues for balconies include the popping of tiles and surfaces, damage to paint or plaster, visible cracks in surfaces or grout lines and calcification in the lining of the grouts.​

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Reinforced Concrete Swimming pools come in two main types: suspended and grounded. Suspended pools allow access to their underside, making them suitable for waterproofing interventions like PU grouting for localized leak issues.


Conversely, grounded pools lack access to their negative side, necessitating waterproofing directly from inside the pool cavity. Hydro-seal is adept at handling both scenarios, ensuring your pool remains leak-free and in optimal condition.

Residential Roof Repair

Due to the island's equatorial climate, land properties in Singapore are especially vulnerable to rooftop damage. Fierce winds can dislodge tiles, relentless rains erode shingles, and the intense sun's ultraviolet rays and heat lead to thermal expansion. Collectively, these factors create a perfect storm for rooftop deterioration.

Neglecting such rooftop damage can escalate to more profound issues within the home.


Hence, it's pivotal to conduct regular inspections, ideally every six months, to nip potential problems in the bud and maintain the roof's health. During these routine checks, key areas to focus on include shingles, gutters, and flashing. Let Hydro-seal be your partner in ensuring your roof remains in top condition, safeguarding your home against the elements.

External Wall Repair

In Singapore, many landed properties face the challenge of external wall damage, primarily due to constant exposure to environmental elements. These damages not only tarnish the property's aesthetic appeal and reduce its value but can also pose significant risks to residents and passersby.

Thankfully, there are several effective solutions to address external wall issues that won't inconvenience homeowners. Hydro-seal specializes in these treatments, delivering professional, efficient services to restore walls without causing undue disruption.

Painting Works

A fresh coat of paint to the building's external facade not only acts to enhance the visual aspect of one's home but will also act as a crucial protective layer. Regular recoating and painting of one's external walls increase the protective capabilities of underlying materials and ensures the building maintains its value over time. 

Hydro-Seal's team of specialists possess the capabilities to paint your home's external facade regardless of the structure's layout. We are able to use various methods such as scaffolding or rope access to reach all areas of your home's external facade to provide a highly satisfactory paint job.

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