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An Overview Of Boom Lifts In Singapore

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Boom lifts are special equipment used to hoist people up to 25 meters to work at otherwise inaccessible heights. Often, waterproofing contractors working on the building's facade to perform painting or external facade repair works use boom lifts to get to the necessary height. In this article, you will read about what boom lifts are capable of, the common use-cases, and the pros and cons of utilizing this equipment.

A little history on boom lifts

Invented in 1951 by Walter E. Thornton-Trump, the boom lift did a lot of work for the construction industry. Its name was Giraffe but was shortened to cherry picker because it was often used to pick fruit in orchards.

It became popular for collecting fruit due to its special, protective basket-like part that people could safely stand on while picking fruit from trees. The boom lifts made it possible to zero the risk of falling, which was otherwise high as people used simple ladders as an alternative.

Boom Lift
Boom Lift

The most common use-cases of boom lifts

Boom lifts are versatile machines as they can be built with gears, tracks, and even with fixed foundations. Another variable aspect that determines a boom lift’s possible use-cases, is its height: anything is possible from a couple of meters to 30 meters, while the average maximum height is around 10 meters.

The most common use-cases are the following:

  1. Electricity installation with the help of a cart

    1. Street lighting repair

    2. Network construction, repair, and maintenance

    3. Other electrical work at height

  2. Logging

    1. Complete tree felling with a cart

    2. Pruning

  3. Life hazard prevention, building restoration, and waterproofing works

    1. External wall repair

    2. Repair and reinstallation of guttering

    3. Access to hard-to-reach surfaces

    4. Painting works

    5. Roofing works

    6. Sealant application & replacement for external facade

    7. Facade cleaning

    8. Window replacement

  4. Advertising

    1. Installation or repairing signage

    2. For setting up decorations

    3. For festive occasions

Pros and Cons of boom lifts

The pros of this type of machine:

  1. There are many types of boom lifts that provide different movement capabilities. Boom lifts can move both vertically and horizontally, giving them a wider range of movement.

  2. It allows for work to be performed at a range of different heights. For instance, if you use a larger boom lift, you can still use it at a lower height.

  3. The basket part of the machine enables safe work for 2-5 persons, increasing the job's efficiency and productivity while ensuring safety is upheld.

  4. These machines are smaller than cranes, therefore they can support you in hard-to-access locations and can be used indoors without damaging flooring.

The cons of boom lifts:

  1. Especially at bigger heights, they are only able to lift up a limited weight.

  2. The smaller boom lifts are not able to move on their own to the location.

  3. Especially on difficult terrain, professional handling staff is required.

How to know if you require a boom lift?

First, you need to determine if there are any obstructions that might be in the way of the cart. Obstructions such as power lines, wood overhangs, or objects sticking out from walls may make it difficult for the waterproofing specialist to carry out works.

Secondly, when it comes to location, the most important factor is that the basket must reach the required working height. You need to consider the lateral clearance that the basket needs to allow for workers.

The last deciding factor is the required size of the load in the basket. Besides the people, are there any tools or assembly materials that need to be lifted for the job required?

These assessments should be done by a professional to determine the best method of accessing the site. Alternative methods such as rope access may also be used to perform the required waterproofing or external facade repairs.

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