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What is PU Grouting?

PU Grouting is a mix of Polyurethane (PU) and cementitious materials that have similar properties to concrete but can be pumped into narrow spaces. The product takes advantage of the high tensile strength and impermeability of PU; it also features impressive low modulus capabilities compared to other materials used in construction.

In addition, PU injections can easily bridge gaps to fill the space between two surfaces. The elastic nature of PU injections provides resistance to thermal expansion, in a hot climate in Singapore, building rooftops and balconies are often exposed to harsh sunlight. Additionally, PU injection methods have additional properties to reduce deterioration due to long-term exposure to sunlight.

PU Grouting at its best features powerful adhesion, can be applied under compression, has resistance to most chemicals and fluids used in the waterproofing industry, is watertight, resistant to impact, will not crack or tear under tension or shear stress. Its self-levelling properties mean that it won't sag over time like other injection materials. It's perfect for filling voids in rooftops, building facades, concrete foundations, and waterproofing in general.

Application of PU grouting to commercial building external wall
Hydro-seal Engineering Technician Performing PU Grouting To External Facade

Why is PU Grouting a good option for waterproofing?

As its name implies, PU Grouting is an excellent waterproofing option for construction projects. The material creates a watertight seal that protects structures from moisture damage. It can also serve as a protective coating against corrosion, making it an appealing choice for many types of building projects.

Building rooftops are especially vulnerable to the effects of moisture, which can damage the supporting structure over time. PU Grouting coats exposed areas, filling gaps and cracks that would otherwise let water get through. The coating provides a complete seal against moisture while remaining flexible enough to adapt to variations in temperature and humidity levels.

How long will it last?

Polyurethane grouting remains intact so long as there is a continuous supply of fresh material to replace any loss from wear and tear, chemical degradation, or physical damage. The presence of water in the grouting mix helps extend its lifespan since it keeps the PU thermoplastic material flexible.

PU grouting materials are also resistant to deterioration caused by exposure to ultraviolet light; they won't ever fade, crack, chip, or peel over time. This makes them a great choice for use in high-stress environments and other areas with high exposure to the elements.

Is Polyurethane Grouting right for my project?

As a waterproofing material, PU grouting has a plethora of benefits that make it an attractive option for many different projects. This includes both interior and exterior projects, in addition to applications in transportation, utilities, energy production, mining construction, and more.

PU grouting is an excellent option for filling cracks in concrete surfaces before applying waterproofing material or coatings. It's also useful in wall construction where it fills the space between two concrete slabs, providing an airtight water barrier.

What are the benefits of PU Grouting?

It's flexible, durable, and strong. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion to prevent damage from temperature fluctuations. It resists chemicals used in marine environments and will not crack or chip under UV exposure. Its self-levelling properties allow it to fill gaps and distribute weight evenly. Polyurethane injections are a versatile solution for waterproofing construction projects in Singapore.

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